How Furniture & Office Ergonomics Creates Comfort For Your Employees

How Furniture & Office Ergonomics Creates Comfort For Your Employees

When your employees are in an office for 6-10 hours a day, they want a chair and office ergonomics that don’t exhaust them by lunchtime. If your employees have any back problems, they need furniture that they can sit on for the whole day without having body aches. In this blog, you’ll find how comfortable furniture can motivate your employees to work comfortably and where to shop!

Comfortable Chairs

Sitting down for your entire workday can be a bit exhausting at times. Employees either get up and start walking around or spend less time at their desks working if their chairs and desks aren’t comfortable. Investing in comfort for your employees can be huge for your business. You don’t want employees fatigued all day at work due to discomfort from their chairs or back pain. Furniture Solutions provides a variety of chairs from Herman Miller to Kimball. Depending on your budget, we can find a chair that meets the needs of your office and employees. These chairs offer a variety of cushioning and personalized back support to where you can lean back or sit up straight to support your spine. You want your employees to have a chair that is just as comfortable as their bed at home.

Office Ergonomics (Mouse/Keyboard)

Working 40 or more hours a week tends to cause muscle strain and tension in our hands and wrists over the years. Before your arthritis sneaks up on you, have an action plan on how you can prevent muscle tension. Having an ergonomic mouse that decreases discomfort in hands can help boost employee productivity and reduces health problems. Compared to a standard mouse, an ergonomic mouse fits the hands more naturally when being used. An ergonomic keyboard is also angled to fit your hands and wrists in a natural form. This technology provides a natural fit for your hands, so you don’t have to alter your positioning to the mouse, the mouse is positioned to fit your hands. This also requires less energy and effort while you type on a day to day basis to reduce the tension in your muscles. Technology like this is highly beneficial for employee productivity and motivation. The less stress they have in their muscles, the less likely they’ll suffer from typing and scrolling fatigue. Investing in ergonomics is a long-term health benefit fix that your employees will appreciate!

Standing Desks

It’s not always perfect weather to take a break to step out of the office to give your legs a shake. Instead, standing desks provide a way to stretch out your legs without needing to leave the office for a walk. Studies show that sitting down for long periods of time can increase the risk of heart attacks and obesity. Having a standing desk not only gives your legs a break but also provides excellent health benefits like lowering blood sugar levels, decreasing the risks of obesity, heart disease, and back pain. Furniture Solutions provides desks that can automatically go up or down, so you don’t need to invest in a separate standing desk aside from your normal one. This 2 in one technology is a great way to improve employee fatigue. They can stand up and shake out their legs without having to leave their work behind.

Computer/Laptop Stands

Laptop or computer stands can be a great way to improve your office ergonomics. Having a screen the same height as your body prevents you from leaning forward and straining your eyes and neck. You can adjust the stand to your height if you’re sitting or standing. Laptop stands are also lightweight, so you can move them wherever you go, so straining your neck and eyes is never an option anymore! Some laptop stands have handy features like a USB adaptor, drawers and even places to put your phones, so you have all the features you need in one object. Find ways to reduce body strains for your employees and become an ergonomic office, so everything in your body falls naturally while you’re at work! You don’t need to adjust yourself to your desk, make your desk adapt to your body.

Office ergonomics can help reduce employee fatigue and keep your business flowing. Think about investing in high profile chairs with Furniture Solutions that will last a lifetime that provide endless comfort for your employees. Minimizing back pain and muscle tension can increase employee motivation. Evaluate investing in ergonomic mouses and keyboards for your office. Consult with your employees to hear out their needs and what they need on a daily basis to complete all their tasks with a smile. Standing desks can also be a great way to lower health risks and obesity to make sure your employee never needs to use a sick day. Make your office full of comfortable furniture and ergonomic technology that your employees will appreciate everyday.

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