3 Reasons to Choose a Repurposed Office Furniture Provider

3 Fantastic Reasons to Work With a Repurposed Office Furniture Provider

A repurposed office furniture provider may be just what you have been looking for to furnish your office. More people than ever are moving toward the repurposed office furniture trend. Here are three reasons that you should consider working with a repurposed office furniture provider.

The Environment

If you’re an advocate for the planet, then you know that repurposing goods already in circulation is so much better for the environment than buying new ones. This eye-opening fact provided by the EPA should shock you into action. Office furniture winds up in landfills to the tune of 900 million tons every year in the United States. Read that again, 900 million tons of waste is generated by office furniture each year.

Repurposing office furniture can drastically cut down on the waste that fills up landfills. It is a simple solution to a very large problem. Office furniture, on average, is built to last from 20-30 years. It is sturdy and can easily be repurposed.

Pad Your Wallet Nicely

If saving the planet is not your thing, it’s okay, there is a very personal reason you should be working with a repurposed office furniture provider. It will save you money. This sturdy repurposed furniture will last a long time, it is less expensive than buying new, and the cost savings comes without sacrifice. Why not save if you can?

You can get very high-quality repurposed office furniture for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for the same new piece. The cost savings can be measurable. Your office furniture budget can go much further when you choose repurposed furniture.

The Right Source Makes a Difference

Working directly with a firm that specializes in repurposed office furniture will ensure that you are getting high-quality office furniture that is fully functional at a fair price. The right company will have the expertise and the eye for style to have the most wanted repurposed pieces on hand. Going to a thrift shop is not the way to get the reliable, great-looking pieces that you need. Work with a professional that focuses on offering quality repurposed office furniture to outfit your office and get a fully furnished office for a fraction of the cost.

Whatever your reason, Office Furniture Plus is ready to help you get started with furnishing your office. Give us a call today to get started!