Used Office Furniture Liquidation & Decommission
decommision your facility and liquidate your office furniture

Used Office Furniture Liquidation and Facility Decommission Services

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Used Furniture Liquidation & Facility Decommission
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Used Office Furniture Liquidation 

Office Furniture Plus offers used office furniture liquidation services. By appointment, we will “walk” your site, take an inventory of your furniture and other assets that you wish to dispose of, take photos to correlate with that inventory, and then submit a proposal to you that values that furniture and asset base.

Your Office Furniture Plus proposal will take into account current market trends, market values, etc. It will be a proposal to absorb the entire cost of removal and disposition plus money to you, no money to you, or, if the inventory value won’t cover the cost of removal, it will result in a net charge to you.

Facility Decommission

As you have moved and we have cleared your original space of your old and unwanted furniture, there is still work to be done. Decommissioning your space is the next step, and it means that your lease document specifies the physical condition of the space, and when you return it, that qualifies as lease compliant. Cleaning, ceiling tile repair, relamping, and drywall repair are also considered “normal wear and tear” that will need to be attended to. We can do that for you. Easy Peasie!

We can manage your furniture decommission from our Irving HQ or one of our other Texas locations. Office Furniture Plus has experts throughout Texas ready to help you decommission your facility. Service the USA from Austin, San Antonio, and DFW.