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Dallas Fort Worth Area Office Furniture Show Room in Irving may be the largest in the USA.

Your Job Just Got Easier!

Welcome to Office Furniture Plus in Irving; Office Furniture Plus is a top-rated DFW Office Furniture dealer and we just moved into our new showroom and office furniture store. At Office Furniture Plus, we will work with you to explore how to design a productive, happy workplace environment that also can help you attract new talent to your business.

Office Design and Furniture Installation

Our local, regional, and national design and implementation services are aligned with your business goals to help you create the perfect office environment.

How Office Furniture Plus Work With You.

  1. We Listen.
  2. We dialog options and environments.
  3. We help you make choices.
  4. We draw, and render “looks” for your comfort.
  5. We construct a financial quote, get your approval.
  6. We order from our manufacturers.
  7. We receive / stage/install.
  8. We walk with you and admire our mutual success!

Office Interior Design Services

We pride ourselves on our talented professional staff teams of office space planners, full-time designers, account managers, project managers, and W2 field staff. The Office Furniture Plus field installation services W2 employee philosophy provides quality and consistency of “known” teammates vs prevalent industry use of contractors. The Office Furniture Plus teams and our process will be your guide through the dialog of what you need and what you want; how to fulfill those desires for a happy workplace; productive and attractive.

Office Furniture Showroom in Irving, TX

In addition to access to our increasingly popular furniture stores, we have an all-new Dallas store and showroom right here in Irving, Texas.

If you are looking for New Office Furniture in Dallas, TX you will want to visit our brand-new showroom.

Used Office Furniture in Irving / Dallas

Office Furniture Plus in Irving, TX is our DFW operations center as well as our flagship Office Furniture Store

Office Furniture Liquidation & Facility Decommission in Irving, TX

Office Furniture Plus in Irving, TX offers used office furniture liquidation services. By appointment, we will “walk” your site, take an inventory of your furniture and other assets that you wish to dispose of, take photos to correlate with that inventory, and then submit a proposal to you that values that office furniture and asset base.

The Office Furniture Plus proposal to you will take into account current market trends, market values, etc. It will be a proposal to absorb the entire cost of removal and disposition plus money to you, no money to you, or, if the inventory value won’t cover the cost of removal, it will result in a net charge to you.

Irving, TX Facility Decommission

As you have moved and we have cleared your original space of your old and unwanted furniture, there is still work to be done. Decommissioning your Irving office space is the next step, and it means that your lease document specifies the physical condition of the space, and when you return it, that qualifies as lease compliant. Cleaning, ceiling tile repair, relamping, and drywall repair are also considered “normal wear and tear” that will need to be attended to. We can do that for you. Easy Peasie! Learn More about Facility Decommission.

Need a Quote?

Please fill out the form below. If you need immediate assistance please call 1.800.668.3752 and ask for sales.

Irving Showroom

Office Furniture Plus, Ltd. Irving
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2201 Chemsearch Blvd

Irving, Texas 75062

Do You Know?

We Offer NEW Furniture From 200+ Manufacturers?

Office Furniture Plus’s has an amazing manufacturer lineup! No matter what you need for your business—whether it’s for your boardroom, mailroom, office, or common area—we have options for every taste and budget. Some are niche, some are obscure, and we’re always here to make recommendations for you.

Do You Know?

We Offer Over 200 Plus Manufacturers, Short Lead Times, Qualitative Choices and Great Pricing!

Our website and showrooms display immediately available used office furniture options that are one call, one delivery from working for you; great economics, immediate delivery.

Couldn’t Decide Between New or Used?

Why Not Both? Create Your Custom Furniture Blend.

You don’t need to replace everything? Our budget-friendly approach maximizes value. Combining your existing furniture with carefully selected additions not only saves you money but also guarantees your needs are met while satisfying your wants.

400,000 square feet of office furniture in the heart of DFW.

Our showroom offers an expansive selection of space dedicated to ergonomic chairs, spacious desks, and collaborative workspaces. We cater to every office need – from the small office to sprawling corporate spaces. Our elegantly designed showroom ensures a delightful shopping experience, helping you envision the transformation of your workspace.