Office Moving and Business Relocation Experts

Working as a team with Move Solutions, one of the country’s largest office moving companies AND one of our Total Office Solutions “sister companies” allows us to move your office furniture and relocate your business in a seamless manner. We have 35 years experience with relocating office furniture and have our process down to a science. Contact us today to get a quote and let us amaze you.

Office Moving

Evaluation, planning, and proposing. Showing up at the right time, with the right resources, for the right tasks. We take you out of and put you back in business.

Furniture Liquidation

We inventory, photograph, and plan the removal of your used office furniture. Value options include the repurpose, sale, auction, and recycle.

Final Clean Service

Trust us to clean your space, repair your space, to do everything needed to comply with your landlord lease return requirements.