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6 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

Adults working in an office environment spend about 8 hours a day sitting in meetings or working. Sitting in an office chair that doesn’t suit your back can cause backaches or prolong existing back pain. It also adds stress to your back, legs, shoulders, and arms as well as pressure in your spine. Investing in an office chair that eases your upper body is not only beneficial for your 8 hours of your working day, but for life-long health. Getting back problems when you’re young can be torturous to your health in the future. Read this blog to find the best office chairs for back pain you should invest in to assure your employees are comfortable with their 8 hour work days.

Global Vion1) Global® Vion

Vion chairs are known for their unique back and optional lumbar support which is one of the best office chairs for back pain. It’s an ideal choice for comfort if your employees are sitting in a chair all day. They come in several designs so that you can choose the color to your office decor liking

AllSeating Fluid

2) Allseating® Fluid

These office chairs are Designed with the work environments and your employees in mind; the FLUID TASK chair is adaptable to the body and comfortable. It’s a breathable, elastomeric mesh chair that distributes body pressure evenly while providing air circulation and eliminating heat build-up. When all the points in your body have an even pressure, it relieves stress on your back and other joints. This chair helps you relax while you’re at work or in all day meetings.

Clear Design Razor

3) Clear Design® Razor

Razor chairs offer an adjustable 3D lumbar system, synchro seat tilt, and tension control providing the perfect fit for any back pain you may have. The arms on the chairs are adjustable for height and depth which helps in easing the strain on your wrist.

Dauphin Aiko

4) Dauphin® Aiko

Aiko chairs are eco-friendly and have an auto-syncro system that adapts to your body weight with an adjustable and sliding seat. Having flexible features can help reduce any body pain because you can change the setting to fit your body and weight.

IT Mesh5) IT® Mesh IT

This chair features a breathable AirGrid back with built-in lumbar support which is a great feature for back pain. This office chair also offers a thick black padded mesh seat with height adjustability and padded arms. It also features a heavy-duty angled nylon base with oversized dual wheel carpet casters for easy gliding which is beneficial if you have a thicker carpet.

IT® MI-2502 ProGrid

6) IT® MI-2502 ProGrid

This chair features a breathable, fixed ProGrid back with built-in lumbar support. A thick padded one-touch adjustable pneumatic seat with a multi-function control to slide, pitch forward, and tilt. The arms are height and width adjustable which helps in providing less strain to your upper body.

Why It’s Worth Your Investment

You and your employees are working most of their waking hours. It’s crucial to invest in a chair that supports their backs, wrists, and upper body. Here are some features you want to look for when searching for a chair that the pain doctor suggests:

Chairs at Office Furniture Plus aid to provide the most comfort for your body. With adjustable chair features, padding in the seat and changes in height preferences, we have a variety of chairs to fit your needs. Browse to see which ones are the best fit for your comfort level. We also have a team of experts who can narrow down the best office chairs for back pain for you and your employees. We not only narrow it down by comfort levels, but also down to which one best fits your budget.