Furniture Liquidation: Everything You Need To Know and More

Furniture Liquidation Tips: Everything You Need To Know and More

Furniture liquidation is a cost-effective way to sell your furniture if you’re looking to move to a new office or home and don’t have room to store your furniture.  If you are considering getting rid of some of your furniture, you have three options: sell the furniture yourself, which can be very time consuming, throw the furniture away, which also costs time and money to get it to the trash, or work with a liquidator.  A liquidator obtains the furniture at low prices and can pass those savings on to their customers, sometimes even acquiring liquidations directly from manufacturers who need to move extra inventory. Furniture liquidation is a good starting point to make some money, and save some time, by efficiently getting rid of your furniture that you don’t need anymore. Read our tips on how furniture liquidation can be beneficial to your company.

Allow Enough Time 

Furniture liquidation is not a process that can be completed overnight. Before you begin, you need enough time to photograph, take inventory, disassemble, and remove your furniture from your office. When businesses move or relocate, they sometimes leave furniture liquidation as the last step, when it should be one of the first. Time management is necessary to ensure you get a value-add for your furniture as well as giving liquidation firms enough time to find buyers for all your possessions. Office Furniture Plus is always looking to take furniture off your hands so you can start your moving process as soon as possible.

Hire the Right Furniture Liquidation Company

Hiring someone who knows the in’s and out’s of furniture liquidation is vital. A furniture liquidator understands how long these processes can take, and cost and they know how to maximize the value of your assets. You want to make sure you have the right value for all your furniture for your buyers.  Having a high price value can make it difficult to sell your furniture, but you also want to make sure the price isn’t lower than the value of your furniture. Having the right value is essential so you can save that money towards new furniture for your new future office. Office Furniture Plus helps you liquidate and finance your furniture. Our team provides multiple financing options for you and your company to review.

Detailed Inventory

A detailed inventory of all furniture is conducted by a liquidation company which becomes a part of their proposal. It’s typically not necessary for your business to create a line by line inventory before dealing with a liquidator. Some businesses think it might increase the value of their furniture, but that is not the case. Taking a few pictures and sending them to a reputable buyer, like Office Furniture Plus, will save you plenty of time. We can let you know right away if your furniture is worth liquidating or not. This can save you lots of time and effort during the liquidation process.

Storage vs. Furniture Liquidation

Moving your furniture into storage is more expensive than people think. These costs often get overlooked. Think about it; if you’re moving your office furniture into a storage unit, you’re paying for:

  1. Labor costs to move the furniture
  2. Transportation costs to the storage unit
  3. Labor costs to upload furniture into storage
  4. Costs of damaged furniture (which pretty much always happens)
  5. Storage fees (which add up every month)
  6. If you take the furniture out of storage there will be the same labor and transportation costs on the way out

With furniture liquidation, there are minimal costs involved. Best of all, you’re not paying monthly payments to store your furniture to have it just sit there.

Get In Touch

We have a team of project managers dedicated to working with you on your furniture liquidation project. This is a straightforward process that shouldn’t wait until the last minute of your office move. It’s important to allow enough time, hire the right people to liquidate your furniture and take detailed inventory along the way. Remember all the benefits of furniture liquidation before you take a route of placing your furniture in a storage unit. You don’t want to pay extra per month for furniture that you could have liquidated. Furniture liquidation can bring a value-add to you and your company. Office Furniture Plus not only helps you liquidate your office furniture but also provides transportation and delivery to your belongings. Our team handles your furniture with utmost care. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help to liquidate your furniture today!

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