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Kimball; Design, Resources, Function, Beauty, AND Esthetics!


Kimball’s history is rich with smart and capable design, esthetically pleasing functional designs in every color, fabric, finish and purpose. Product families that are designed to work together to facilitate a cohesive, pleasing journey from the front entrance to the back exist. Reception, lounge, conference, office, open plan, and on and on; one stop, all options, final mile delivered and installed.

Just think; Kimball’s imagination and research diligence is all about your office  environment. Kimball’s entre focus is the amazing design, materials, sustainability practices, durability and use of your office “World”. Their interest is your culture, your work place, your attraction to the workforce of your present and your future.

It Is Your First Walk Through Your New Office; just plain wow after wow after wow!

Kimball is synonymous with class, elegance, function. You look around on that first day and you can’t quite decide; where do I WANT to sit, where do I WANT to office? Every single seat calls out to you; office, workstation, private booth area, conference room and huddle room. Your soul connects with the differentials of form, function, intent, fabric, finish, and feature sets; combinations that play to their difference and their connected sameness all at once!

Day two arrives; you are thrilled to find the same impressions, it was not a first day dream; THIS is YOUR workplace, YOUR home away from home, YOUR work safe place. The only thing left for you is to come up with answers to your family’s question; “why are you always talking about Kimball”?