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How we plan for your needs and wants; we start with listening


Creating the best work environment is a complicated process regardless of your business’ size. It is made all the more complicated when the company you hire to plan an build your space doesn’t take the time to listen to your needs and plan appropriately.

For 35 years, Furniture Solutions. has been making moving from one location to the next a smooth process for our clients. The way we accomplish this is through our two-step process: listening and planning. First, we send our representatives to meet with your company and listen to you. We listen to what the needs of your business are for your upcoming move. We learn everything that there is to be learned about your business, the location you are leaving and your new one.

After gathering all of this information, we create a Office Furniture Plus Project Plan unique to your business. Every part of tour process is taken into account. Every contingency is thought out. No detail is left unaddressed. We then present the Office Furniture Plus Project Plan to you and walk through every step with you, listening to all of your questions or concerns and making adjustments as needed.

Once a Office Furniture Plus Project Plan has been agreed upon, we then move forward together with you every step of the way until you are satisfied. When we finish, we make sure your business is set up for success in its new location.

Throughout our 30 years here at Furniture Solutions, our philosophy has been to do it right the first time every time. We are ready to listen to help you move.


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