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12 Office Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Is your office desk unorganized or does it bore you? Have you been wanting to spruce it up, but don’t know what to buy? Well, wait no longer because we’ve made a list of productivity-boosting office supplies you may have not even heard of until now. Read this post to learn how you can improve your productivity and workspace by leaps and bounds (without breaking the bank)!

1. Desk Butler Office Supply

This desk organizer from Wayfair solves all your organization problems. If you’re a minimalist and don’t like clutter on your desk, then this is perfect for you. It’s an all in one organizer for your pens, knick-knacks and even your phone. Say goodbye to your pencil holder and say hello to minimalism!

2. Thinking Board

A thinking board is an adhesive stick-on whiteboard that you can stick on your walls. This creates an atmosphere of innovation in your office. Anytime your employee has a question or a brilliant idea they can grab a marker and jot it down. Thinking boards are just as great for meetings as they are beside your desk. Brainstorm without wasting paper! If you’re a visual person, this adhesive thinking board is a must!

3. Cable Holder

Who likes cables all over their desks? No one! This cute bunny cable organizer holds all your cables in place, so they don’t fall on the floor when you’re done using them. It’s great to stick them on the side or the back of your desk to eliminate cable clutter. Instead of a stress-inducing wire snake, you have cute bunny friends hanging out on your desk.

4. Keyboard Vacuum

Everyone is a victim of having food/dust or junk stuck in their keyboards. Little did you know that there’s a clever and adorable solution! This ladybug keyboard vacuum cleans out all the dust from your keyboard, so you don’t have to spend your entire morning trying to shake it out onto the floor.

5. Desk Vacuum

If there’s a keyboard vacuum, there’s definitely a desk vacuum! Say goodbye to dust bunnies behind your monitor and under your desk. If you’re someone who loves a clean desk, this handheld mini vacuum is your calling. Once you’re done using it, it’s small enough to place anywhere under your desk or in the supply closet. This mini desk vacuum comes in 3 different colors so you can pick the color that matches your office!

6. Charging Station

Nowadays, we have too much technology on our hands. We have a tablet for on the go, our personal phones, work phones our laptops and more. This charging station is the perfect answer to storing and charging all of your technology without creating an eyesore. This way, you don’t have cords sticking out all over your office and phones lying around everyone. This stand keeps all things in one place for the perfect organization.

7. Cork cactus board

If you jot down your ideas on sticky notes, and then they get lost on your desk, this cute cork board is going to be your best friend! Your notes and business cards won’t get lost, and you can have them all in one place. This cork board also holds pens on standby for that next big idea!

8. Notepaper Roller

If you have too many sticky notes or notepads, this notepaper roller is an ideal office supply. You can keep writing and scrolling, and once you’re done, you can rip it off and put it on your cork board to start fresh! This is perfect for quick phone call notes and brainstorming ideas.

9. Lazy Susan Holder

This lazy susan holder organizes your office and also gives it a pop of personality. You can spin it around and to get what you need quick. It also has multiple holders for your knick-knacks, pens, scissors and day to day office necessities.

10. Desk Humidifier

If you’re in need of a humidifier, but haven’t purchased one because you are under the impression that they take up too much room on your desk, you can think again. This humidifier is perfect for your office desk. It comes in different colors to brighten up your day and it also automatically shuts off when it’s out of water to keep your workplace safe. It’s easy to install and keeps your air clean.

11. Mini Desk Heater

Say goodbye to numb typing hands. This mini heater is small enough to place on your desk and take with you wherever you go! If your office is always cold, it’s time to bring the heat to your desk. This also comes in multiple colors to color code and match with your office theme. It’s perfect for the winters because you can simply unplug and take it with you wherever you go. Maybe even on your lunch break.

12. Mini Workout Machines

If you have long office hours and don’t get time to yourself for fitness, this under-the-desk workout machine will be your best friend! It’s portable so you can take it anywhere in your office, and it’s affordable enough to get a second for the house! This fitness machine slides under your desk so you can still get some form of exercise in while at work.

These office supplies will help you organize your desk and bring you increased comfort throughout your working days. Office Furniture Plus also sells standing desks and fun office furniture to spruce up other areas of your office. Leave a comment below and share some of the unique office supplies you have!

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