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Office Furniture Plus “Anywhere”

We offer you the country’s largest selection of new and used office furniture.

Buy used office furniture online or visit our massive DFW showroom in Irving today for used & new office furniture. We ship, we receive, we install nationally.

Office Furniture Plus “Anywhere”©

We offer you the country’s largest selection of new and used office furniture.

We ship, we receive, we install nationally.

Buy used office furniture online or visit our massive DFW showroom in Irving today for used & new office furniture.

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Over 220 New Office Furniture Brands, all supported by our AMAZINGLY COMPETENT Sales, Design and Project Manager Teams! YOU are the sole focus of every single one of our capable teammates. YOU are the sole focus …

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Product Inventory that Changes Daily. Next Day Delivery.
You can browse online or at our showrooms in Irving, Austin & San Antonio

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Our Product “Blended Use” Philosophy

No Need to Replace Everything. Our Product Blend Philosophy Maximizes Your Budget.

Chances are many of your pieces just need a good cleaning, some repair, or can be repurposed. After accessing what you already have, we can figure out what else you need. Not only does blending your current furniture with new-to-you pieces save you some money, but it also ensures that your needs are met while satisfying many of your wants.

pre owned and new furniture blended to decorate your office

Lease Compliant Liquidation & Decommission Services

Your Business has Moved and Your Space Needs to be Lease-Compliant.

Your lease requires an empty space return to the landlord. What do you do with your excess assets? It’s time for an integrated move, that includes an excess asset repurpose plan. Liquidation and Decommission are two tasks that are interconnected to each other. Our experienced team is specialized in planning and executing many cost-effective options to create the best results.

Used Office Furniture Liquidation

Used Office Furniture Liquidation

Office Furniture Plus offers used office furniture liquidation services. By appointment, we will “walk” your site, take an inventory of your furniture and other assets that you wish to dispose of, take photos to correlate with that inventory, and then submit a proposal to you that values that furniture and asset base.

Facility Decommission

Facility Decommission

As you have moved and we have cleared your original space of your old and unwanted furniture, there is still work to be done. Decommissioning your space is the next step, and it means that your lease document specifies the physical condition of the space, and when you return it, that qualities as lease compliant.

Cleaning, Repair, Touch-up, Refinish, and Reupholster

Elevate Your Workspace with Skillsets and Services That Keep Your Office Looking Great!

Office Furniture Plus

We keep your furniture in top shape, whether it’s made of wood, glass, plastic, steel—If it can be repaired, we will repair it to best use.


We ensure your workspaces operate and function at their peak performance with customized maintenance programs and more.


Furniture services with sustainable solutions—we only use green materials. If it’s not friendly to the earth, it’s not part of our offering.

Esthetic, Functional “Environments by Design”

We Serve Your Office Furniture
Needs and Wants “Anywhere”©!

What you really need are spaces for people to work, meet, store their belongings, and attract bright new teammates. We don’t just specify which office furniture; we also help you find the environment that allows your team’s very best qualities to rise to the top AND enjoy that success!

office Environments by Design
Office Space Planning
Office Space Planning

What Goes on Behind Furniture Selection and Your Approval?

So much more goes into our workspace furniture solutions than you may think; it starts with the selection of the right manufacturers, the maintenance of showrooms, and the infrastructure of just about everything. We also employ professionals at ALL LEVELS of the firm.

Trusted Relationships We Are Blessed to Serve

Do You Know?

We Offer NEW Furniture From 200+ Manufacturers?

Office Furniture Plus’s has an amazing manufacturer lineup! No matter what you need for your business—whether it’s for your boardroom, mailroom, office, or common area—we have options for every taste and budget. Some are niche, some are obscure, and we’re always here to make recommendations for you. Would you trust us with one meeting?

Do You Know?

We Offer Over 200 Plus Manufacturers, Short Lead Times, Qualitative Choices and Great Pricing!

Our website and showrooms display immediately available used office furniture options that are one call, one delivery from working for you; great economics, immediate delivery. Would you trust us with one meeting?

Couldn’t Decide Between New or Used?

Why Not Both? Create Your Custom Furniture Blend.

You don’t need to replace everything? Our budget-friendly approach maximizes value. Combining your existing furniture with carefully selected additions not only saves you money but also guarantees your needs are met while satisfying your wants. Would you trust us with one meeting?

400,000 square feet of office furniture in the heart of DFW.

Our showroom offers an expansive selection of space dedicated to ergonomic chairs, spacious desks, and collaborative workspaces. We cater to every office need – from the small office to sprawling corporate spaces. Our elegantly designed showroom ensures a delightful shopping experience, helping you envision the transformation of your workspace. Would you trust us with one meeting?