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New Office Furniture in Austin Featuring the Top Brands

No matter what you need for your Austin, TX business—whether it’s for your boardroom, mailroom, office, or common area—we have options for every taste and every budget. Whether you need more furniture for sitting, standing, or storage purposes, we are sure that we have the office furniture you need at an affordable price. Plus, if your Austin business is expanding and you need more furniture to accommodate new employees, rest assured our team will help you find the perfect pieces from the top office furniture brands. All your employees in your office space can enjoy comfortable office chairs, new conference tables, ir a spacious desk with a modern look.

Get Helping Picking the Best Office Furniture for Your Austin Office

Whether you want to order office furniture online or in-store, explore our list of manufacturers and let us know what interests you. We’re also happy to make recommendations based on your needs. Once you know what you like, our team will ensure the correct furniture is ordered for your office space.

The following pictorial links highlight our most popular manufacturers AND link them to their manufacturer websites. This linking ensures that you are able to look at the latest and best of their offerings. From there forward it is incumbent on you and our team to make the best choices and to weave those into the best working environment for you and your team.

We Represent the Best Brands in Office Furniture

AIS Office Furniture in Austin
Clear Design Office Furniture
ETC Office Furniture in Austin
Global Office Furniture in Austin
Great Openings Office Furniture
HON Office Furniture in Austin
JSI Office Furniture in Austin
Kimbal Office Furniture in Austin
National Office Furniture in Austin
OFD Office Furniture in Austin
OTG Office Furniture in Austin
Sit On It Office Chairs in Austin
Tranquil Office Furniture in Austin
VIA Conference Conference Tables in Austin


The following links represent many of the nearly 300 manufacturers we represent. from desks to chairs; if you need it, we can deliver. Some are niche, some are obscure, and some are not listed in these columns. Note that every firm listed below is a link to that firm’s website.; We may also have used office furniture from these brands and we always deliver great customer service.


For the Best Office Furniture in the Austin Market

Office Furniture Plus in Austin, Texas caries all the brand-name office furniture you are looking for to outfit your new office space. We have Office Desks and Workstations by OFD, OTG, HON, JSI, and all the other top brands. We also have conference tables, desk chairs, reception desk, furniture for your office break room, and as well has high-end executive desks.