How To Design Your Office To Fuel Employee Productivity

How To Design Your Office To Fuel Employee Productivity

Most employees are at work for about 8 hours a day. In those 8 hours, they’re productive for about 3. The other 5 hours are spent in distractions like social media, making coffee, eating or talking to other co-workers. Minimizing distractions at work and having an environment that fuels employee productivity is crucial to increasing production levels. In this blog, you’ll read how comfortable furniture, open office spaces, greenery and more can help enhance employee production levels.

Open Office Space

Having an open office space creates an environment for collaboration. Some people argue that not having your cubicle and privacy causes more distractions.


Although, when employees are in their cubicles, they’re more likely to do personal searches and surf the net which cause more disturbances. However, with removable tables, you can collaborate by rearranging your desks to something different every day. This also increases legroom and the ability to separate your desk when you’re done having your collaboration team sessions. Having an open space encourages employees to share ideas which fuel productivity in itself.

Comfortable Chairs

FSN-2When you’re sitting in the same spot for 6-8 hours a day, you want a chair that’s comfortable. Especially for those with any back pain. You want your employees leaving work happy and satisfied and excited to get to work again the next morning. Furniture Solutions provides a variety of chairs of all shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from! There are chair designs for all types of offices from trendy to professional. Shop chairs that meet the needs of your employees to fuel their productivity levels.

Cleanliness & Greens

Having a clean environment creates less clutter physically and mentally. When you see clutter, your brain becomes confused more often. Get storage for your desks to eliminate files and papers that rest on top. Your desk should only contain office essentials (computer/phone etc.) with few decor pieces as well as plants. Minimize the rest of the clutter and put them in storage boxes or drawers. Studies show that plants help increase cognition by 26% with 30% fewer sickness-related absences. Greenery in the office also helps create a sense of balance. Get greens for conference rooms and common areas, so employees feel a sense of relaxation throughout the whole office no matter where they are. Having a clean desk with storage space and plants creates a balanced mind which is a big step to office productivity.

Assigned Working Spaces

Giving employees their assigned desk creates a sense of “homey” feel for them. This increases comfort for employees knowing that they have a place of their own when they come into the office. They can eat in privacy if they don’t want to go out to eat and they have a desk they can decorate to give them a feeling of belonging. When employees don’t have a designated desk, they can’t decorate with pictures of their dogs or keep daily essentials they might need at their office like lotion/eye drops, etc. Instead, they have to pack up their items every day and pick a new spot the next day, unpack and the cycle repeats. When employees have designated desks, they can organize their thoughts and items and start their day knowing they’ll have a place to sit at work that they love. This helps create a mind and work balance.

Relaxed Area

FSN-3Having different work zones at work creates a space for employees to hop around which helps fuel employee productivity. Sometimes when you’re not feeling productive at your desk, you might go to your “relaxed area” and sit on a bean bag or sofa for a few hours to get your mind back on track. Having a change of scenery and colors helps to get employees minds back on track and fuel productivity for extended periods of hours. Some employees get their focus back by leaving their desks for lunch or even going on a walk. Having an area where employees can escape from their office for a few hours is a great way to make those 8 hour work days productive for more than 3 hours.

Wall Colors

Each color has a different meaning to it. When evaluating which color to paint your office think about your business objective. Wall color for a marketing agency would differ from a wall color of an accounting firm. For example, the color yellow boosts energy and creativity which would be perfect for an agency, whereas the color blue creates a sense of calmness which might be perfect for an accounting firm. If you’re stuck, get input from your employees on what colors boost their productivity, take a poll to help finalize your decision.

Re-design your office with an open space to invite collaboration, comfy chairs that meet the needs of your employees and greens to keep a balanced office environment. Create a space that your employees love coming to that make them want to work for more than 3 of the 8-hour workday. Small changes to your office like organization and the color of your walls can create considerable jumps in overall employee productivity.