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Allsteel Terrace 6′ x 8′ Stations (Priced Per Seat)


ID: FSN-C-8006

The Allsteel Terrace Cubicles present an ideal office solution, catering to a range of design applications and work environments. This versatile system seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality to address your workforce’s diverse daily requirements. With its thoughtfully designed L-shaped worksurface, your teams will enjoy ample space to efficiently manage multiple projects. Additionally, the integrated organization trays provide invaluable assistance in maintaining project orderliness, contributing to enhanced productivity and an organized workspace.

Sold In:

Pods of (4) 6×8

Pods of (6)6×8

Runs of (2) 6×8

Runs Of (3) 6×8

Single Desk Call Stations 24″ x 72″

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