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Used Marker Boards

Browse our collection of used marker boards for sale! Our marker boards have several size, and material options, so choose what is best for your business’s office space today. Check out all our used office furniture at our Dallas Irving location.

The selections below include a search option for anything added in the last ten calendar days. This gives you the option of seeing furniture additions easily.

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Used Marker Boards Available NOW!

These used marker boards are available for immediate delivery. You can shop by our Dallas showroom in Irving to see these workstations and much more.

Also find a wide range of used office chairs and office desk and much more options which will align with the line of the productivity and comfort of your office space

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We Offer NEW Furniture From 200+ Manufacturers?

Office Furniture Plus’s has an amazing manufacturer lineup! No matter what you need for your business—whether it’s for your boardroom, mailroom, office, or common area—we have options for every taste and budget. Some are niche, some are obscure, and we’re always here to make recommendations for you. Would you trust us with one meeting?

Do You Know?

We Offer Over 200 Plus Manufacturers, Short Lead Times, Qualitative Choices and Great Pricing!

Our website and showrooms display immediately available used office furniture options that are one call, one delivery from working for you; great economics, immediate delivery. Would you trust us with one meeting?

Couldn’t Decide Between New or Used?

Why Not Both? Create Your Custom Furniture Blend.

You don’t need to replace everything? Our budget-friendly approach maximizes value. Combining your existing furniture with carefully selected additions not only saves you money but also guarantees your needs are met while satisfying your wants. Would you trust us with one meeting?

400,000 square feet of office furniture in the heart of DFW.

Our showroom offers an expansive selection of space dedicated to ergonomic chairs, spacious desks, and collaborative workspaces. We cater to every office need – from the small office to sprawling corporate spaces. Our elegantly designed showroom ensures a delightful shopping experience, helping you envision the transformation of your workspace. Would you trust us with one meeting?